So what is The Seasonal Raider?

The Seasonal Raider is a Wow-related blog that I decided to create in order to become more involved in the wow blogging community and also to have a bit of fun! I chose the name because I don’t play wow during school time and so am away from the game for a few months at a time. The blog will be completely unfocused, varying to whatever topic I think of that has a relation to Wow.

Who are you?

Aleph, I’m from the US but I’ve lived in England for quite a while, currently at school in England while living in California.

Who on Azeroth are you?

I play (on the EU servers):


Tessia “Tess” – 82 Human Priest

Aggrofish “Fish” – 81 Human Warrior

Jarkol – 80 Dwarf Paladin


Kaikanor – 70 Tauren Druid


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