Summary of the Weekend

October 4, 2010

Just a short post to let you all know what I wasted my time doing this weekend.

I played wow. ALOT.

Starting on Friday night and going through to saturday night, I farmed heroics constantly on my priest in order to get all of the heirlooms I wanted to get for the warrior I am going to make once the world explodes. After not playing wow for four weeks, it was… interesting to be put straight into a Halls of Reflection run. After that, everything went smoothly. After getting the first three on my list I was completely burned out on my priest (not to mention saved on most of the heroics) so I decided to go onto my Paladin to do some tanking. Upon logging in I found 30 emblems just chillaxing in my currency tab. I thought to myself: Oh, only ten emblems to get? Easy! Now, my paladin hasn’t reached the def cap, has questing blues and generally has sub-par gear. Up until this weekend I had only done Utgarde Keep with him and to be honest I had struggled with that.

I wasn’t really confident enough to join the queue for random heroics just yet so I went into the specific dungeons option and selected The Nexus, Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Pinnacle and Violet hold. I started off in an Utgarde Keep run which helped to get me back into tanking, and also to get used to my (very different) UI. After this I went into Utgarde Pinnacle and was greeted by the healer going /facepalm while targeting me. This hardened my resolve and I decided that “I would show him”. Long story short, I did. I used my rotation almost flawlessly and managed to keep aggro over 90% of the time. Needless to say, I felt very good about myself at the end. This was followed by the Nexus and Violet Hold which were both really easy. At the end of the day, I had a ton of new achievements and my final heirloom.

Once I had the heirlooms, I looked for something else to do. I was rooting around in my bags when I found all of the rogue heirlooms all enchanted up and ready to go.

So I made a rogue. A gnome rogue. His name is Isusan which, if my Japanese translation skills are up to scratch, means Mr. Chair. If it doesn’t, then… well I’ll still call him Mr. Chair anyway.

Now I’m ready for Cataclysm! Bring on the angry dragon!


One Response to “Summary of the Weekend”

  1. Deocyn said

    Screw Deathwing, we’ve got Isusan on our hands now!

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