I’m not yet dead!

June 15, 2010

School is taking up most of my time (coursework is hard) but I have taken time out to write this for those reader(s) that might still be looking at my blog after the few weeks I have been absent from it. In this post I’ll be talking about the experiences I had when I first reached 80 on my priest and much more recently when I reached 80 on my Paladin. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.


When I hit 80 I was very excited. It was way before call of the crusade in the early weeks of wrath. This was the first time I hit 80 and also was my first healing class. Seeing as I have absolutely no clue how shadow priesting works I decided to stick it out and crawl around looking for loot in the normal 80 dungeons in order to get into heroics. Now to put this in perspective, I hit 80 and about a week later transferred servers. The first week was horrible, but once I got to my new sever (and new guild) it became significantly easier. Some of my new guildies convinced me to get a shadow dual spec (I had disc and holy back then) and they took me on some heroics and let me roll on any loot the healer didn’t want. Seeing as the healer was the guild’s main healer and decked out for Naxx I got a lot of loot very quickly. Before I knew it I went along on one of the guild’s progression Naxx10 runs as a dps and wasn’t very good so about halfway through one of the healers offered to switch to shadow so I could heal and I had an awesome time trying to heal through some trash and bosses. Soon after this the guild moved on to Ulduar10 and I went along to those runs as well and found myself as one of the top guild healers. Since then, I have fallen behind what with me spending more time leveling my paladin and other non-Wow things. This brings me neatly to my next part.


This was my fastest leveled character and also the only one I have leveled entirely in a tanking spec. I decided to level in tanking so that I ensured that I knew the intricacies of all of the different tanking spells I learned as I leveled. Of course, because of that I have very little idea of how to play as retribution and any attempt by me at doing so usually ends with me running into groups of people and spamming consecration and/or divine storm. Once I hit 80 I knew, as with the priest I would have to rummage around in the normal dungeons for loot upgrades so I could tank heroics. While leveling in Northrend I did some research into some of the better pre-heroics gear and developed a list of items for each slot and where to get them. So armed with my trusty list I entered into 80 dungeons. The highest priority instance was Oculus, with many of the items on the list either dropping there or coming from quests there. As soon as I get into heroics, I should be able to gear up fairly quickly and perhaps join one of the alt raids my guild does every week.

The two experiences are quite different for two main reasons:

1. New dungeons – Forge of Souls, Halls of Reflection etc.

2. The adaption of the badge system for heroics.

However they are both similar in that both times I have had to work in normal modes in order to gear up before going for heroics. This is because in both cases I was playing either a healer or tank spec rather than a dps spec who can just jump into heroics as soon as they hit 80 without worrying about anything more than being shouted at for having low dps whereas I would have either people dying before I could heal them or mobs running all over the place over the top of my dead body.

While it is annoying, this section of normals is important, especially for me because it allows a new tank or healer to get used to some of the mechanics of level 80 dungeons and also gives them time to practice and gain experience before going into the much more dangerous heroic dungeons.

Thanks for reading!


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