What it means to be a Seasonal Raider

April 14, 2010

So I received this topic from Windsoar over at Jaded Alt.


A seasonal raider is a person who spends a large period of time away from the game yet still plays in endgame PVE. This is probably somewhere in-between casual and hardcore in theory, meaning you play a lot when you can then hardly at all (or not at all) at other times. This is often seen among students as their studies interfere with gaming.

The seasons of raiding

Now the seasons of raiding differ from person to person and the circumstances that make them a seasonal raider obviously however I can block out my personal seasons and lay out a sketch of the “traditional” seasons. First of all, there are three (main) seasons:

The first season for me is spring. This goes from the end of March until the end of April (or thereabouts) This is relatively minor as a season most of the time, usually devoted to leveling alts and less serious endgame such as heroics.

The next season is summer, from June/July all the way through to early September. I regard this as the most important season as it is the largest and therefore you can (theoretically) achieve more.

Finally we have winter. Running from early December up to early January, it’s quite an interesting one what with the holidays. However due to the short time period, it’s devoted mainly to alts and easy endgame.

Of course, vacations and holidays will disrupt your playing but make sure to use the “This is the only time I get to play” method to weasel your way out of as much as possible (except for things like birthdays, parties and marriages). A great advantage of this is that you never get burnt out on wow. By the end of the vacation it’s sort of getting tedious but then you go off on your non-wow season (I like to call it the work season). You spend the final weeks of the work season browsing the internet for wow news / strats etc. and slowly but surely you start to feel the urge to go out and pick flowers in the garden and spend hours working out the most efficient path to travel. At this point you will be handed a computer and the login details will be shoved into the appropriate boxes, often retyping the password in your haste to log in. Finally you get back into wow, what do you do first? I like to mess around on an alt before going onto my main because it helps me get back in the wow mentality. Once I went straight onto my priest and agreed with some guildies to do some heroics. We ended up in the forge of souls. It did not end well. Especially as I was healing. Once we gave up on that and went over to Violet Hold we had a much better time.

Generally I feel that seasonal raiders are entitled to at least one marathon session where no interruptions are allowed over a 12 – 24 hour period. I got so many things done the last time I did this that I felt like doing it more. Don’t do that, it destroys your life bit by bit until you have no friends and you live in your mom’s basement (not that there is anything wrong with that)

So that pretty much covers seasonal raiding from my point of view, feel free to comment to tell me I’m wrong on something or just what you do in your personal seasons.

Thanks for reading!



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