LFD fun

March 30, 2010

I logged onto my Paladin the other day and decided to run some dungeons. So I opened up the LFD tool, checked off ‘tank’ and clicked the ‘find group’ button. After several seconds I found myself looking at the Auchenai Crypts loading screen.

Everyone zones in and I look over the party frame. Healer: druid. So far so good, druid is my favorite type of healer for my paladin. DPS: Shaman, death knight and something else, I forget. We absolutely destroy the dungeon, sweeping aside everything with ease. After the final boss is down, people slowly start to leave until it’s just me, the druid and shaman complimenting each others skills etc. We end up talking for a couple of minutes then decide to queue for another instance. we quickly fill a group and end up in the Underbog. As soon as we arrive, we are greeted by another shaman and a death knight. the new shaman promptly yells: “lets rock out with our @#&$s out!” not a great omen of things to come. Two packs of mobs into the dungeon, he is complaining about the pace of the run. He wants speed, I consult with the healer and we agree to pick up the pace. We soon reach Hungarfen and kill him quickly. This is where the drama starts. Hungarfen decided to give us Starlight Gauntlets.

The druid healer quickly clicks need and is on track to receive the item when suddenly, the new shaman says, “I need the gloves”. To which we say then click need. He snappily responds with ” I can’t, blizz messed it up” (I’m paraphrasing here, his actual response was borderline illegible). This quickly disintegrated into the druid calmly explaining why blizzard chose to change the need/greed system so that you can’t need anything an armor type lower than your higher type and the shaman screaming (aka CAPSLOCK) about how this is super unfair etc. I think that perhaps, had he been more polite / civilized then we might have looked at the situation differently. However he chose to berate us about all sorts of irrelevant things. He did have an ally to his cause, the death knight (who is on the same server as the shaman), offers all sorts of useful points such as: “yeah!” and “lol noobs”. I attempt to break up the fight with the usual it’s in the past now, let’s just move on. So we tentatively pull the next group of mobs only to turn and see the shaman and death knight sitting on the ground behind us (I could picture their smug smiles behind the screens). Once the mobs are down I quickly start a vote to kick with the reason: ‘refusal to continue with the instance’. The vote is quickly passed and the shaman is gone. We are about to vote kick the death knight but he quickly gets up and declares that he will carry on. We find a new dps promptly and begin again.

A few trash packs later the death knight pulls three trash packs purposefully and wipes the group. As soon as I die, he says, “lol tanks down”. Luckily the remaining shaman had a self res off cool down so they resurrected everyone except the death knight, who asks for a res. Eventually he says “res me and I’ll leave”. He is true to his word and leaves the party. I was wondering whether the two troublemakers knew each other beforehand or whether the shaman we kicked was whispering the death knight, telling him to wipe the party. Once we found another dps we continued with the instance and finished it without a hitch. At the end the druid and shaman from the previous run and I found ourselves talking for a good ten minutes about general wow thing before parting ways. (I met up with the shaman a day or so later)

The whole experience really made me glad that the ignore list spans servers (if it doesn’t, sorry innocent person who I am ignoring) and really sad that the friends list does not. I hope that in the future, Blizzard continue to work to make cross server connections stronger.

Wow that post came off with a lot more rant than I had planned, sorry about that, but thanks for reading anyway. (Also, Windsoar, if you read this, I am working on your muse post, I really am. It’s just, well, lots of really interesting post topics were already in my drafts folder so I thought it was only fair to post them first. Now I’ll work on finishing it.)



One Response to “LFD fun”

  1. Ozain said

    Lovely story, people like that Shaman have become all the more common since classic, yes?
    Well that might be a bias opinion but thats how I see it. Arrogance and urge to do everything at lightspeed.

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