BA shared topic: Starting Over

March 25, 2010

So this will be my first Blog Azeroth shared topic, suggested by Pieces
here. The idea was to write a post on what you would choose (faction/race/class) if you were forced to start your character again.

When I first read the topic description I couldn’t make up my mind as to whether to write about starting from level one or starting with a fresh eighty so I figured, why not write about both seeing as each would have a different result. Without further ado, let’s dive right into a brand new level one character!

Level One


I would choose Horde because I mainly prefer the Horde as a faction Lore wise and also I find that the Horde community is (mainly) more mature than the Alliance, maybe it’s just the servers that I play on or the mature players on the Alliance side are quieter (this is more likely the case) also I play Alliance more at the moment so it would be a nice change of scenery. Add the fact that as I level all the way to 80 I’ll build up a good group of friends (hopefully) so endgame should prove interesting.

I’m going to put class before race because depending on what I choose, I’ll have different race choices.


Um… this is where it becomes harder. I’m going to have to go with a warrior because I’ve only ever played a warrior for the first several levels and it was pretty fun and different to most other classes. Also I’ve played pretty much every other class to around level 20. I think that a warrior would be an interesting change from leveling a Paladin due to the lack of self heals and playing a priest in PvE endgame.


So the races (at the moment) that can be warriors are orcs, trolls, tauren and undead. I’m ignoring racials because I don’t care about them that much, I prefer to choose a race I like than the one that has the best stats. I am going to be really picky as well seeing as I will be leveling this character to 80 (and soon 85). We can therefore cross undead off the list because I don’t like them for various reasons. Orcs are… too square. This might sound weird but I prefer a skinny race (probably comes from playing alliance for so long). So, troll or tauren. This is difficult as these are my favorite races in the game at the moment. I’m going to have to go with the troll because I’ve always wanted a Troll character. Tauren are awesome, don’t get me wrong. Trolls just have an appeal that none of the other races seem to have for me. (My troll would be male just in case you were wondering)

I would probably use this character in PVE, considering I prefer it to PVP at the moment. Also I love the challenge of  being a tank, you really just don’t get that in PVP.

Level 80

I’m going to go through this the same way I did the level one section. So, let’s begin.


Alliance. Reasoning? Well, seeing as I already know a lot of people Alliance-side it’s logical to stay with that group. Plus I’ll get back into the raiding team with a little work, much less than I would need if I changed factions. Also, a new character at 80 is confusing enough; I don’t need to be getting lost all the time or not knowing faction specific things. For example the horde/alliance fight points at goblin cities, I always go to the wrong one on alts.


I think that the choice is between a rogue, paladin or druid. I have always wanted to play a rogue but never managed to level one. When Cataclysm hits (lolpun) I’ll roll a worgen rogue anyway so I’ll wait for that. I already played a paladin and druid to relatively high levels and enjoyed them both but if I had to choose, I’d pick a druid. What’s my reasoning? Well, paladins are fun and all but druid was my first class I ever played and no other class comes close to usurping that. (Plus druids change into stuff)


Pretty obviously, given the above criteria, I’d have to roll a night elf, which is fine with me; I’ll just stay shape shifted for as much time as possible. Or I’ll just zoom my camera in so I’m playing in first person.

Would definitely use this character for PVE but I’m not sure whether I would play as a healer or DPS, probably healer seeing as I don’t really ‘like’ DPS, I need a bigger challenge.

So there you have it! Knowing me, my account will probably die or something and now I actually will have to start again… Oh well, at least now I know what to roll!

Also, seeing as I fly home on Saturday, the spring raiding season is about to start.

Thanks for reading!


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