Looking back on four years of Wow

March 22, 2010

While looking around the web for an interesting topic to write on, I came across a series of posts on remembering starting the game, the first time so and so did this, etc… I thought, why don’t I write a post about my wow history? It will help people get to know me a little more seeing as I am new in the blogosphere (also it sounded like a good excuse to sit around thinking about all the great times I have had).

My first encounter with Warcraft was in video game stores, as I sneered at the PC games section and looked through the PS2 games. Then, while staying with my cousin I was given the chance to play Wow for the first time. For a while I declined, satisfied with merely observing him play his characters. I remember being awed as he showed me his pet (he played a hunter) and as he explained the general Warcraft lore. I quickly accepted his next offer to create a character and play for a while and spent a great deal of time at the character selection screen, carefully reading each race and class bio before finally deciding on a druid because “the shape shifting sounds cool.” I picked a night elf because, well, they looked cool alright!? Upon logging in, I watched the introductory flyby of the night elf starting area on the edge of my seat. When I finally took control of my character I just looked around at the majesty of the zone I found myself in. I saw the exclamation point above someone’s head and went over to say hello. Of course it was an NPC and I was trying to talk to it. Not my greatest moment. Later, while attempting to fight a boar I noticed that the sound was turned off. So I reach over to turn on the sound and “B’DOOOOSH” I am deafened by the sound of leveling. Once I was able to hear again I became mesmerized by the music that plays in the night elf starting area. Shortly after that I went home and didn’t think about anything else for around a week until I went out and bought the game with my measly allowance.

The first character that was ever truly mine was a Tauren hunter that I made to play with a friend. I remember seeing all the differences between Teldrassil and Mulgore and, more importantly, Alliance and Horde. I leveled that character to around twenty-something then stopped playing for a while due to personal reasons. When I came back to the game my cousin convinced me to create a character on the Alliance with him. So I made a night elf hunter (I know, really original) and quickly leveled him to around thirty. By this time my cousin had managed to get his mount and I remember being so jealous that I couldn’t ride around on a tiger. After several weeks I had leveled to forty and saved up the ridiculous amount of gold needed to buy the normal ground mount. I was so proud of myself when I first bought that giant cat. Somewhat later, I found myself around level fifty, questing in the Plaguelands when I burned out a bit and slowly stopped playing. After a break of about a month I came back to the game and started a multitude of alts, each destined to never make it over twenty. I was shocked when, playing on one of these alts I discovered a strange blue person standing in Stormwind. Further inspection led to the discovery that this was an NPC of a new race. I had found out about the expansion shortly before this and found myself becoming more and more excited about it. Then I worked out that the expansion came out during the school semester and as such had to wait until spring break to start playing. Upon getting the game I immediately rolled a blood elf paladin, “declaring to all that this will be my new main!” three days later, on level 21, my paladin was dropped as I returned to my hunter in an attempt to reach Outland. So it was several months after the launch of TBC that I stepped through the Dark Portal and onto Hellfire Peninsula. I noticed while going around Outland that there seemed to be a strange proportion of Draenei leveling alongside me. By the time I made it to Outland on my first character, most people were leveling alts through it. I finally reached level 70 and, after a few dungeons at heroic difficulty I decided that DPS wasn’t for me.

I rolled a Draenei priest and leveled her to 70 faster than it had taken me to get my hunter to level 50. However, by this time Wrath had been announced and it’s release was imminent. Once Wrath came out I powered through Northrend during Christmas break to reach level 78. By the time I came back to Wow in spring break, my cousin was already raiding (he had transferred servers to play with IRL friends) I quickly finished off leveling and began to collect healing gear for my priest. I was running a heroic while talking with my cousin on skype and he suggested that I server transfer to his realm and join the guild. I thought, hey, why not, it might be fun. Soon after the transfer I found myself in Naxx on a guild progress run (one of the advantages of being in a relatively new guild I guess). I loved being in a ten person group! The challenge of keeping so many people alive was exhilarating (I was assigned raid healer as I was holy at the time). Once I respecced my talents to discipline I found my true healing purpose – Tank healing.

During my forays into Naxx (and later Ulduar) I felt the urge to start a new character. Seeing as I had played as DPS in the past and was currently a healer, the logical step was to create a tank character. Thus, the Dwarf Paladin was born. And subsequently leveled to 50 faster than I have ever leveled in my life. Currently he stands at level 64 and is tearing through Outland, leaving hellboars, mushroom people and demons scattered across the land. I have leveled entirely as protection and have enjoyed every level of it. I am particularly enjoying tanking some of the higher level instances which are more of a challenge, especially due to all the death knights that appear in these levels.

In the near future I hope to get my Paladin to 80, making it the first time I have ever had two top level characters ever and also to start raiding as a tank which should prove challenging yet fun. With my return to the World of Warcraft a mere week away (leave school on Friday), I should be able to post some more in depth posts of how I play and also strange things I encounter.

Thanks for reading!





2 Responses to “Looking back on four years of Wow”

  1. Ozain said

    4 years…. its been a very long time. A thoroughly accurate summary of that time, I’d honestly forgotten about your alt switching :D.


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