An Apology

March 24, 2011

So after an extremely long while, the Seasonal Raider is back! What follows is two things: An apology/explanation and also a preview of what is to come.

Right then. The main reason for the lack of posts over the last few weeks months is that I have been very busy with various things, let me run through them for you:

  • Trip to Ecuador – Staying in Quito for a few days then going into the Amazon to live in a lodge without any so-called ‘luxuries’. Absolutely incredible!
  • Trip to Iceland – Studying geographical things for a week. Less fun.
  • Upper 6th year (senior year), with my final International Baccalaureate exams coming up in three weeks, I’ve been studying over the last three months. Very little fun.
  • Playing (field) hockey for the varsity team, training for the Bath Festival, which is this weekend. Great fun.
  • Also Starcraft 2 and Minecraft have taken up most of my gaming time.


Luckily the college I applied to accepted me as an early decision candidate so I haven’t had to do all of the application stuff recently. So once all of this stuff is done, I can get some solid blogging on the site (and of course play more wow).

So what can you expect from the Seasonal Raider in the near future?


  • More regular posts! This is the most important feature from my point of view and probably the readers’ as well. I hope to get out a post a week, at least a post every two weeks of good quality writings for the readership.
  • During the wow seasons I’ll be posting summary posts of what I get up to on my various characters. Over the next few weeks I’ll be finishing up with school in preparation for Easter break with the spring wow season starting around the 4th of April. So look out for those posts from then all the way up to the end of April / beginning of May.
  • I’m also looking at a few ideas for quick, short posts that can be prepared quickly as back ups or to boost content a bit.


I will now go and prepare a post that is actually about wow and not about how I do too many things with my time.



Summary of the Weekend

October 4, 2010

Just a short post to let you all know what I wasted my time doing this weekend.

I played wow. ALOT.

Starting on Friday night and going through to saturday night, I farmed heroics constantly on my priest in order to get all of the heirlooms I wanted to get for the warrior I am going to make once the world explodes. After not playing wow for four weeks, it was… interesting to be put straight into a Halls of Reflection run. After that, everything went smoothly. After getting the first three on my list I was completely burned out on my priest (not to mention saved on most of the heroics) so I decided to go onto my Paladin to do some tanking. Upon logging in I found 30 emblems just chillaxing in my currency tab. I thought to myself: Oh, only ten emblems to get? Easy! Now, my paladin hasn’t reached the def cap, has questing blues and generally has sub-par gear. Up until this weekend I had only done Utgarde Keep with him and to be honest I had struggled with that.

I wasn’t really confident enough to join the queue for random heroics just yet so I went into the specific dungeons option and selected The Nexus, Utgarde Keep, Utgarde Pinnacle and Violet hold. I started off in an Utgarde Keep run which helped to get me back into tanking, and also to get used to my (very different) UI. After this I went into Utgarde Pinnacle and was greeted by the healer going /facepalm while targeting me. This hardened my resolve and I decided that “I would show him”. Long story short, I did. I used my rotation almost flawlessly and managed to keep aggro over 90% of the time. Needless to say, I felt very good about myself at the end. This was followed by the Nexus and Violet Hold which were both really easy. At the end of the day, I had a ton of new achievements and my final heirloom.

Once I had the heirlooms, I looked for something else to do. I was rooting around in my bags when I found all of the rogue heirlooms all enchanted up and ready to go.

So I made a rogue. A gnome rogue. His name is Isusan which, if my Japanese translation skills are up to scratch, means Mr. Chair. If it doesn’t, then… well I’ll still call him Mr. Chair anyway.

Now I’m ready for Cataclysm! Bring on the angry dragon!

Situational Awareness in Raids

September 28, 2010

So, I was snooping around in the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic Archives when I came across an interesting topic.

“As a raid healer, a common thing these days is trying to balance keeping everyone in your raid alive, while still being able to move when you need to (ie. having the right amount of situational awareness to your surroundings during raids).

I thought it would be neat to see how all the classes (even tanks and DPS) handle the multi-tasking that is required during raids. Do tanks and DPS sometimes have tunnel vision and forget to watch for the AOE effects or whatever they need to move out of? How do other healers deal with avoiding the tunnel vision problem?

I decided to give it a go seeing as  I have a bit of spare time to update here again. As I play as all three roles, I thought I would go through each role and the differences in awareness I have.

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I’m not yet dead!

June 15, 2010

School is taking up most of my time (coursework is hard) but I have taken time out to write this for those reader(s) that might still be looking at my blog after the few weeks I have been absent from it. In this post I’ll be talking about the experiences I had when I first reached 80 on my priest and much more recently when I reached 80 on my Paladin. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

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Ding level 80!

April 28, 2010

I recently got my Paladin to level 80 which is awesome. This comes a day before the (extended) spring raiding season came to a close (thanks to the Volcano over in Iceland) so it was very close. Seeing as I will be flying back to school today, I’ll probably not be posting anything until I get back into the rhythm of school life when I will write a post about my Paladin most likely. We’ll have to see how being at school affects the blogging and whether I need to do something about it. So see you in a few days!


So I received this topic from Windsoar over at Jaded Alt.


A seasonal raider is a person who spends a large period of time away from the game yet still plays in endgame PVE. This is probably somewhere in-between casual and hardcore in theory, meaning you play a lot when you can then hardly at all (or not at all) at other times. This is often seen among students as their studies interfere with gaming.

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LFD fun

March 30, 2010

I logged onto my Paladin the other day and decided to run some dungeons. So I opened up the LFD tool, checked off ‘tank’ and clicked the ‘find group’ button. After several seconds I found myself looking at the Auchenai Crypts loading screen.

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So this will be my first Blog Azeroth shared topic, suggested by Pieces
here. The idea was to write a post on what you would choose (faction/race/class) if you were forced to start your character again.

When I first read the topic description I couldn’t make up my mind as to whether to write about starting from level one or starting with a fresh eighty so I figured, why not write about both seeing as each would have a different result. Without further ado, let’s dive right into a brand new level one character!

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While looking around the web for an interesting topic to write on, I came across a series of posts on remembering starting the game, the first time so and so did this, etc… I thought, why don’t I write a post about my wow history? It will help people get to know me a little more seeing as I am new in the blogosphere (also it sounded like a good excuse to sit around thinking about all the great times I have had).

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Inaugural post

March 22, 2010

Just as a journey begins with a single step, so a blog begins with a single post.

Welcome to the first ever post of The Seasonal Raider. In this blog I will talk about things in wow that interest me such as leveling alts, casually going through endgame, messing around with friends/guildies and so on. Also expect to see my take on any important (or silly) wow news just in case anyone cares agrees. So! once again, welcome and enjoy your stay here.

See ya!